Israel/Palestinian Territories - Operation in Nablus (22 Feb. 2023)

Published: Thu Feb 23 2023

An Israeli operation in Nablus today led to the deaths of at least 10 people and wounded nearly 100, including many civilians.

France condemns all acts of violence committed against civilians and once again recalls the obligations incumbent on Israel in terms of compliance with international humanitarian law, the proportionate use of force and the requirement to protect civilians in the occupied Palestinian Territories.

As the violence continues to get worse, France calls on all those involved to refrain from any actions that might fuel this cycle, and in this regard it emphasizes the importance of respecting the terms of the Security Council presidential statement on 20 February.

Faced with the spiral of violence, it is all the more urgent to restore the political prospect for a solution involving two States living side by side in peace and security. This is the only solution that can bring a fair and lasting peace to the Israelis and Palestinians.

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