Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by First Lady Jill Biden at a Workforce Event with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the

Published: Wed Jun 21 2023

Alexandria, VA Thank you, Dr. Panchanathan. And Prime Minister Modi, welcome to the United States. With this Official State Visit, we are bringing together the world’s oldest and the world’s largest democracies. But our relationship isn’t only about governments. We’re celebrating the families and friendships that span the globe-those who feel the bonds of home in both of our countries. After years of strengthening ties, the U.S.-India partnership is deep and expansive as we jointly tackle global challenges. Mr. Prime Minister, I know that education is an issue close to your heart-just as it is for me. Your work to ensure all Indians-especially girls-have the opportunity to pursue an education and gain the skills they need for our modern workforce is so important. It’s exciting to be able to show you some of the innovative programs our schools and businesses are creating for students here. I’m also so glad to be joined by Ambassadors Garcetti and Sandhu. Williams, Anchal, thank you for sharing your stories. Mr. Mehrotra, Dr. Williams, thank you for your insights and your work. And finally, we’re grateful to the National Science Foundation for hosting us. There are students in this room who are discovering the inner workings of semiconductors-starting in middle and high school-or training for other cutting-edge jobs. And as established businesses are transformed by new technology-as industries that didn’t exist a decade ago are created-this kind of training is more important to our future than ever. If we want our economies to be strong, we need to invest in the young people who are our future. We need to ensure they have the opportunities they deserve. Through Joe’s Investing in America agenda, we’re creating millions of good jobs in growing industries like clean energy and manufacturing. And we’re bringing together our entire administration-including agencies like NSF-to partner with employers, unions, schools, and local governments, so we can ensure that students have what they need to pursue these careers. That’s the Biden education pathway. It starts with free, high-quality universal preschool and creates a high school experience that prepares students for their next steps. It provides two years of affordable community college and opens up avenues if you decide to go to a four-year college. That’s how we build the future of our workforce. Education is a cornerstone of the bond between India and the United States-one we hope to keep building and strengthening with this visit. Our universities are partnering together, leading research, and creating apprenticeships and internships that span the ocean. And, as we’ve seen here, students from both our countries are learning and growing alongside each other-discovering the people they want to become and building a better world, together. Working side by side, our nations can create a safer, healthier, more prosperous future for everyone. So again, to Prime Minister Modi and the entire Indian delegation, thank you for joining us. We wish you a memorable visit. Thank you. The post Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by First Lady Jill Biden at a Workforce Event with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the National Science Foundation appeared first on The White House.

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