Remarks by President Biden After Marine One Arrival

Published: Fri Mar 10 2023

South Lawn

5:38 P.M. EST

Q Mr. President, have you spoken to Leader McConnell?

THE PRESIDENT: I've spoken to the family. I think he's going to be all right, he'll be good.

Q What did you say to the family?

Q Mr. President, on Chairman Xi's remarks and the foreign minister's remarks this week, they were rather sharp and definitive going after the United States. What's your read on what that means?


Q Republicans say your budget is dead on arrival. "Why introduce it?" What do you say to them?


Q What areas do you think you can find compromises with - with the Republicans?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we'll see what their budget is. I'm ready to meet with him tomorrow if he shows me his budget.

5:39 P.M. EST

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