Remarks by President Biden in Press Gaggle

Published: Sun Sep 03 2023

St. Edmond's Catholic ChurchRehoboth Beach, Delaware 5:25 P.M. EDT Q Mr. President, have - have you heard the Burning Man news? Any reaction to that? THE PRESIDENT: Yes. We’re in touch with the local people. We’re paying attention. We ought to be getting everybody out of there. There was one death; I don’t know what the reason for the death was. Q What - are you looking forward to your trip next week?THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I am. I’m - Q What are you hoping to achieve in India and Vietnam? THE PRESIDENT: (Referring to fellow churchgoers.) I’m holding people up here. I’m holding people up. By the way, the reason I’m here today just for one day - I know you (inaudible) I’m on vacation; I’m not. I have no home to go to. The Secret Service has torn my house up, in a good way, to make it secure. So I have no place to go when I come to Delaware except here right now. I’m only here for one day. Q Are you homeless? Is that what you’re telling us? THE PRESIDENT: No, I’m not homeless. I just have one home - I have a beautiful home. But I’m down here for the day because I can’t go “home” home. Q What do you want to achieve in Vietnam and India? THE PRESIDENT: I want to - a little more coordination. I think they both want much closer relations with the United States, and that could be very helpful. (Cross-talk.) THE PRESIDENT: Pardon me? Q Have you heard that Zelenskyy has replaced his defense minister? THE PRESIDENT: Yes. Q Do you have any comment? THE PRESIDENT: Not publicly. Q Are you disappointed that President Xi is not going to the G20 (inaudible)? THE PRESIDENT: I am disappointed, but I’m going to get to see him. Thank you 5:27 P.M. EDT The post Remarks by President Biden in Press Gaggle appeared first on The White House.

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