15m boost will increase the number of Welsh electric vehicle charging points

From: Welsh Government
Published: Wed Jun 07 2023

The Welsh Government will invest 15m to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points across Wales.

The funding, confirmed today by Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters, will be used to help local authorities increase the number of charging facilities ahead of fossil fuel vehicles being phased out in 2030.

The new funding follows the 26m already invested in charging infrastructure across Wales since 2021 which has created more than 1,600 charging points - enough for one in six battery electric vehicles.

Deputy Minister for Climate Change, with a responsibility for transport, Lee Waters said:

Drivers need to have the confidence to make the switch to electric vehicles as demand increases and that's why we are committed to creating high quality electric vehicle infrastructure across Wales.

Most of this work will be delivered by the private sector but our role is to facilitate private sector investments across Wales and ensure equality of access.

To help with this, we have created a private sector taskforce which will engage with the market, break down any barriers to investment and accelerate the roll out of charging infrastructure.

The funding announced today is another step in the right direction but we have further to go - we will continue to work with local authorities and the private sector so that Wales keeps up with the rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles.

Today's announcement complements the Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) fund which has already kick-started many EV projects as the Welsh Government aims to reach its target of providing charging points for every 20 miles of the strategic trunk network across Wales by 2025.

Wrexham Council has received 1 million to roll-out EV charging facilities at a charging hub in the city centre as well as sites in remote, more rural locations across the county.

Cardiff Council has received 900,000 for the next two years to roll out EV charging in the region and provide rapid charging infrastructure at Lamby Way depot for twelve electric Refuse Collection Vehicles, as part of Cardiff Council's fleet of 78 Refuse Collection Vehicles.

This transition supports the councils target of having a zero-emission fleet by 2030, in line with Welsh Governments Low Carbon Delivery Plan.

Cllr David A Bithell, Deputy Leader and Climate Champion at Wrexham Council, said:

We are pleased to receive this funding which will enable us to continue our work to help people to move to Electric Vehicles through both the creation of a mobility hub in the city centre and also supporting some of our smaller and more rural communities with facilities to charge EVs where they may not have access to off road parking.

As part of this project we are also looking to add some increased provision to support active travel and nature.

We are keen to make a start on this important step on the road to lower carbon transport for Wrexham.

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